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CITO Nidhi's Safe Deposit Locker facility is one of the ancillary services provided by the Bank to its customers.

Our Lockers Branches are equipped with high security features and specially built strong rooms. Wide availability of lockers in various sizes and at various locations. Hassle-free payment options through your CITO Nidhi's Account. Extended banking hours for accessing lockers.

Nomination facility available. You can plan your visit and access your locker on all working days during banking hours.

Nomination on safe-deposit lockers enables CITO Nidhi to release the contents to the nominee of the person hiring in the event of their death. If a locker is held jointly, and one of the people hiring dies, the contents can only be removed jointly by the nominee(s) and the survivors.

The nomination facility is available to anyone hiring a locker. For those hiring on an individual basis; nomination can be made in favour of one individual. For those hiring jointly: nomination can be made in favour of two individuals.

Unpaid locker rentals are recovered from the nominee. If the hirer is major and the nominee is minor, the nomination will be made by someone lawfully entitled to act on behalf of the minor.

The branch will assist you after the form has been submitted by you.

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