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Bank Building

CITO NIDHI Limited (Quasi-Banking MBC) is promoted and established by the Banking Professionals who had Banking experience of 25+ Years across all verticals. With the strong banking background & experience of the promoters, we believe that success of business comes from creativity and team work.

It’s New age Quasi Banking Mutual Benefit Company registered under Section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013 (Section 620A of the Companies Act, 1956) and is duly approved by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A Nidhi is wholly or partially regulated by the RBI and should follow the RBI Nidhi rules.

“CITO Nidhi” has been incorporated exclusively with the object of Financial Inclusion and developing the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its members, receiving deposits, and lending to its members only for their mutual benefit. We offer all types of banking services like Accounts, Deposits, Loans, Insurance, Remittances, Cards and new age Techno Banking Services. Nidhi Companies are monetary business companies operating in India and can be classified as Mutual Benefit Companies, Non-Banking Financial Companies and Banking Companies.

Nidhis are also known as ‘Mutual Benefit Societies’ terms given to it by the ‘Sabanyagam Committee on Nidhis’ and the ‘Expert Committee'. As Nidhi We accept deposits from our members/shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the RBI/Ministry of Corporate Affairs It has rules and objectives that are same as a Bank, but is only in effect to someone (members or a group) who has agreed or joined this agreement to do the business amongst the members / group only.

The Meaning Behind the Name and Logo

Every Organization has its own brand value and distinguished by its core values. Our CITO Nidhi and its Logo has a meaningful definition which stands on its core values.

Rupee to Rupee Bow:  We act as a bridge and fill the Financial Gap among members, as we accept Deposits from Members and Lends to Members Only.

Logo – Closed Octagon (8 Sides):  This denotes, the investments made with us are secured in all directions.  The money is protective with CITO Nidhi Ltd.

Purple Color: This color indicates Wisdom. Cito Nidhi is promoted by highly Qualified Banking professionals with vast experience. So, the Funds are being utilized in a secured & wiser manner.

Orange Color: Orange is always indicates Passion. We are so passionate in running our Company affairs in professional manner.

Blue Color: This color is meant for Confidence and Professionalism.  Cito Nidhi filled with Qualified Banking professionals; hence everyone can rely on Cito with Confidence.

We urge each one of you to invest with our Cito Nidhi (Quasi-Banking) and make us your Best Financial Partner in your Journey.

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